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Memo pad for Contacts

Minkowsky offers a memo pad to each Address or Address Folder. You may use for instance to put memo about talks with your customers or other contacts. Addresses and folders memo pad are identical. However, memo pads of folders may also display the memo pads of addresses and folders contained in the folder.

This is a memo pad of a folder:

The the top of the memo pad contains two (addresses) or three (folders) buttons:

  • New memo:
    creates a new (top level) memo
  • Switch between tree and list view
    In list view all memo are sorted by date, newest memo at the top.
    In tree view follow up memos are displayed indented below their parent memo. Top level memos are sorted by date as in list view
  • Display included memo pads (only in folder's memo pads):
    Display of memo pads of addresses and folders included in the current folder can be switched on and off by this button.

Every memo has its own title bar with another five button:

  • Revert: Reverts the memo to state after the last saving.
  • Write protection: By default all but new memos are write protected. To modify a memo press this button to remove the write protection. If write protection is enable the memo is saved to the server. The revert button will now revert to this memo text.
  • Send by mail:Send this memo by mail to selected users and groups
  • Print memo: Prints this memo (Please note: the programa2psis needed for it
  • Follow up Creates a follow up memo, e.g. to document the next phone call on a particular topic

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