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Creating or Modifying a Tasks

Modifying and creating a task are the same apart from the fact that on creation of task an empty task is modified

This dialog is split into five pages:

  1. Times ans Status
  2. Description
  3. Operators
  4. Reminder
  5. Milesstones

  • The page 'Times ans Status'

    • Task to be done
      Here you can define when working on a task should start andf be finished.

    • current Status
      Here you define in which status this task is. For new Tasks this defaults to new.
      Please note that based on the evaluation of dependencies and date Minkowsky may change this status. See also Automatic Status Controll.

    • Degree of completeness
      Give your estimate on how much of the task is done. The operators have to care about this value themselves. Minkowsky hardly doesn't have any idea what is already done on a particular task.

    • Urgencies
      You may define how import or urgent a task is. The tasklist can be sort by to this urgency. Task in tasklist will be colour coded accoring to the urgency.

      Dynamic urgency means that the urgency is increased if the timeline of a task is completed faster than the degree of completenes, defined above. On the other hand if task is complete faster the urgency will be reduced. For both direction this is done at most by two steps.

  • The page 'Description'

    This is to define and describe the task in more detail. For example to let other operators know what's to do precisely

  • The page 'Operatorsr'

    Here you define who should work on this task (thus they became what Minkowsky calls operators). To add an operator click on his/her name on the right list and press the <<<-button. To remove an operator selected him/her on the left listand press the >>>-button.

    You can define for each operator how much of his/her time he/she should spend on this task. And you can define the Access permission of each operator on this task. All operator do have at least read permssion on task thet work on. For more details see Access Permission on Tasks and Projects. By right clicking on an operator you get an dialog for this parameters.

  • The page 'Reminder'

    Here you defined reminder or Warnings for this task. Reminders will always be send before the target date. Warnings will always be send after. Reminders and Warnings are sent the ussual way.

  • The page 'Mile stones'

    On this page you can defind up to 8 milestones. Each mile stone has

    • a status: done or not,
    • a name, and
    • a degree a compeleteness which is associated with this mile stone. If a mile stones status is changed to done the task's degree of completeness is advanced to the value defined here.

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