Release-Notes  10/30/2002:  
  • Fixed an ugly bug in the Calendar
Only the client was updated in this release.  10/27/2002:  
  • Some improvements in the synchronisation module (however, its still in alpha state)
  • You may now remove multiple addresses from the address book at a time  10/17/2002:   Bugfixes
Fix in the backup module and installer.  10/14/2002:  
  • The server is finally multithreaded. Therefore requests from multiple clients will be server in a more stable way.
  • Each user can only be logged in into Minkowsky once.
  • Automatic Backup of the data by the server
  • The comment section in appointments is replaced by the memo pad known from the address book.
  • There are new memo pad for each tasks and each project./LI>
  • Projects may now contain (sub-) projects.
  • In the address view field title were improved to avoid confusion.
  • Each user may now save views in each sections. The might be done either on command (saving the current view) or on log out, automatically.
  • A first version of a PDA-syncronisation module was implemented. This module is in a very early stage. It may cause server crashes. Hence it must be enabled explicitly (see the Server documentation for details).
    In this first version only the address book may be syncronised and only against the Agenda VR3. However, the module was designed to make it easy to add other PDA to the module. For details see the Syncronisation module documentation published here soon.
  • the usual bug fixes  6/10/2002:   Bugfixes
Some ugly bugs that should have been fixerd already made it into They are finnaly fixed now. Another bug on project creation in the German version was fixed as well 6/ 7/2002:   new Features
  • Rewritten Printing Function in the Task and Project manager
  • Revised Printing Function in the Calendar
  • Now all Printing Functions allow to select different paper sizes
  • Added feature to add a whole address from the address book into the X11-clipboard (e.g. to paste them into another application)
  • I am back to the old version numbering scheme
  • rpms are now availale for SuSE-Linux on ppc or x86 (for other Linux-Version check yourself if applicable)
  • Bug in the installer scripts that leads to wrong file permissions in a couple of cases
  • Bug in the init script for non debugging mode: Minkowsky was running on the Minkowsky user..
  • - Bug in adminko: wrong handling of damaged file or inaccessable files
  • - Bug in the server on creating new address folders
  • - Bug in the server handling of signal USR1
  • - ...

0.5.0-1 5/30/2002:   Rewritten Printing function in the address book. Much more flexible than the old
Fix in Server-split function with multiline arguments (mostly the addressbook was concerned)
Fix in the address book (Values in bank account were scrambled)

0.5.0-0 5/28/2002:   Some fixes
Translations of the documentation completed
A long list of all changes since version 0.4.x will follow soon. 5/ 1/2002:   Some minor fixes 4/25/2002:   Fixed ugly bugs in the documentation installer
Prepared online help code for multi-ligual oline hlp
First pages of online help translated to Englisch 4/23/2002:   Some improvement on the GUI (Thanks to Stefan Kamphausen)
Extensions to the client documentation (still germna only) 14/9/2002:   Some improvement on the GUI (Thanks to Stefan Kamphausen) 4/18/2002:   Some improvement on the GUI (Thanks to Stefan Kamphausen) 4/16/2002:   The client application has complete English langugae support. 4/7/2002:   First release with limited English langugae support. 5/24/2001:   First public release (German language only)

Rüdiger Goetz
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