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Welcome on my personal internet page. I like to share here some of my knowledge and my ideas with anybody who is interested in. You may reach the different sections by clicking on the bubbles or via the link list at the bottom. Please note that most of the text are German only. However I translated some of them and others are English only.

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Zu den deutschen Seiten kommt man hier oder über die Fahne in der Luftblase.

libruti published
After a long i have an update to my page. I publish my own utilies library. See libruti.
mtRnd published
MtRnd is a C++ class implementation of the Mersene twister. See mtRnd.
New results
of Pentum4, Athlon 64 und PPC 970 systems
Minkowsky 0.5.2
'the Space/Time-Manageer'is released.
New Section
Die Specials: Picture of the Total Solar Eclipse 1999 (German only, the text not the pictures)
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Just for clarification:
Just for clarification:

I take no responsibility for any content on sites or pages I have links to. Linked sites may have changed since I put the link on my pages. I don't have enough time to check regularly. Therefore there might offending content somewhere, though I not intended to link to it. I you find such a link please tell me. Thank you.

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