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Address Folder Information

Apart from its name a address folder has some additional attributes:

  • The group who's members are allowed to modify this Attributes
  • The flag deciding if the folder is open by default or not.
    Please note, this flag is set for all users not just yourself.
  • The memo pad

All of this attributes can be view and changed in this dialog:

The three button on the bottom do what you expect:

  • Delete: Deletes the folder. The addresses and folders with the folder will not be deleted but reconnected to the topmost folder Address Book
  • Modify / Accept Modifications: Switches into modification mode and back. On switching back the modifications are saved on then server.
  • Close / Accept: Closes this dialog. If in modification mode the modifications are saved on then server first.

Ruediger Goetz
Last modified: Thu May 9 11:44:59 CEST 2002