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The Calendar

  1. The Calender screen
  2. Appointment Editing Dialog
  3. Access Permission for Appointments
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  5. Future plans

The Calender screen

Calendar views

There are four different view available in the calendar:

  • The Day View
  • The Week View
  • The Month view
  • The multiple Calendar view.
    If multiple calendars are selected they displayed each in a separate (but smaller Calendar) rather than all appointments in one view. Only available together with the week view.

In all view the today is marked by a different colour. Two little marks show the current time.

Display of an Appointment

Each appointment in displayed by an coloured rectangle with the appointments title written in it. Position and size inform about start date and time and duration of the appointment.

  • The colour of the rectangle indicate if the appointment is private (light red), only displayed for information (light grey) or a normal appointment (very very light green)
  • The colour bar on top of the rectangle refers to the priority of the appointment. Black is lowest priority. Priority increases from dark violet via dark blue, dark green, light green, yellow, orange to red. This priorities are for information purpose to the users.
  • At the bottom of the rectangle there is a line of coloured spots. They indicated the people invited to the appointment. This might be helpful if multiple calendars are displayed at a time.
    Each user may have his/her own two colour code. Which colours are used for a user are defined on the server by the server administrator. The colour code itself can be look up in the Calender Selection Groups are displayed by larger unicoloured spots.
    Hint: It might a good idea to associate the upper colour with company department, while the lower colour is associate with different users within the department.

Basic functions in the Calendar

  • Creating a New Appointment

    You either may either

    • press the new button in the toolbar.
    • left click on start time in the calendar view (Note if there is already an appointment at this time you will open this it instead)
    • drag a box on the calendar from the start time to the end time. (Note you may not start dragging on an existing appointment)

    After releasing the left mouse button an editing dialog opens. Within this dialog you can defined precisely your appointment (including adjustment on date and time of the appointment).

  • Modifying an Appointment     

    To modify an appointment just left click on the appointment. The same dialog as for a new appointment open. However, now its filled with the data of the selected appointment. Furthermore you may comment on this appointment (which is impossible on a new appointment)
    You may change all properties of an appointment but two:

    1. The Initiator is fixed and can't be changed.
    2. Single instances of repeated appointments can be modified individually by shifting or suspending them. If this has happen at least one time on a particular instance of an repeated appointment start date and time of the base appointment are frozen.

  • Inspect an Appointment

    By right clicking on an appointment another dialog opens:

    Apart from displaying the most important information on the appointment this dialog has some extended functionality:

    • Modifying an Appointment

      Opens the Editing dialog as discussed above.
    • Delete an Appointment     

      A click on this button deletes this appointment if you have permission to do so.

    • Suspending a Repeated Appointment     

      With this button you may delete only the selected instance of a repeated appointment. The base appointment and all other instances will be left untouched.

    • Shifting a Repeated Appointment    

      With this button you may shift a the selected instance of repeated appointment either in time or space (location). This button opens another Dialog in which the new time and/or location can be set. You may also add some explaining details in a 128 character text.

    • Disable Reminders    

      If you find the reminders of the selected appointment annoying you may tell Minkowsky to stop sending them to you.

    • Re-enable Reminders    

      If you change your mind and want Minkowsky to send you the reminder again, press here.

    • Ignore an Appointment    

      Some appointment may not be if interest for you although you are not allowed to remove them from your calendar. With this button you tell Minkowsky to ignores them for you. An ignored appointment won't be displayed on the calendar unless you specially put on display ignored appointments (see special functions.

    • Stop ignoring an Appointment    

      Takes away the ignore state from this appointment.

special functions

The toolbar of the calendar includes some special functions which are discussed below:

  • Undisplay information only Appointments    

    With this button you tell Minkowsky to not show all appointment in which are information only to you.

  • Display ignored Appointments    

    Although an appointment might be ignored by sometimes you may need to access it. With this button you tell Minkowsky to display all ignored appointments.

  • Multiple Calendars in one view

    If more than one calendar is selected in the Calender Selection two kinds of displaying them are possible:

    1. Put all appointments into one calendar view
    2. Display each calendar individually below each other
    This button / switches between the two possibilities..

  • Jump to todays date

    Jump the date(s) displayed in the calendar to today. For week and month view the week or month including today are displayed

  • The Fast Calendar Navigation    

    The Fast Calendar Navigation allows you to travel freely through the times on your calendar. The Calendar Navigator window is show on the right side. Changes on the date are immediately adopted to the calendar view.
    The button at the bottom jump to today or to the date before opening the Navigation (the Cancel button).

Plans for future version of the calendar

  • Whats missing?

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