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New Version 0.5.2 of Minkowsky is now available
(Current Version is of 10/27/2002and 10/30/2002)

What is Minkowsky ?

Minkowsky is tool to manage appointments, tasks and addresses within groups like companies.
Minkowsky is a client server application. The data are managed on the server. The client display them to the users
Minkowsky is mostly platform independent programmed. Hence it will be possible to run it on many different platforms. The server should run on all UNIX platforms with little modifications (this includes MacOS X). The client should run on all Unix/X11 Platforms. A port to MacOS X under work.
Minkowsky is a Tcl/Tk (+Tix) Application with a C/C++ fundament.

Further features of Minkowsky:

  • Minkowsky is OpenSource (It published under the General Gnu Public License (GPL)).
  • Minkowsky needs no other software than Tcl/Tk and Tix. No database program is necessary.
  • Minkowsky is able (other than most other organizer on Linux I know of) to display appointments on a timetable.
  • Appointments in Minkowsky can be set group wide and viewed group wide
  • On setting an Minkowsky you can check if participants and location are free at that time.
  • Minkowsky send invitation and reminder mails to all invited participants of an appointment (if such mails are requested)
  • Participants of Minkowsky
  • all users with a Minkowsky managed
  • all people in Minkowsky's address book.
Therefore you can add external people as participants of an appointment. If their e-mail address is listed in the address book they even may receive invitation and reminder mails.
  • Minkowsky managed task list.
    Task do have urgency and target dates assigned (among other parameters). Delayed tasks may trigger e-mail reminders.
  • Tasks may be combined to projects. Task within projects may have dependency defined between them.
  • Sound interesting? Go here and download Minkowsky

    What's new in Minkowsky ?

    • The server application is now multithreaded. This should enhance response performance and stability with many users accessing at the same time.
    • New subprojects within tasks and projects section
    • Backup function included in Minkowsky server
    • A first alpha version of PDA sync module

    Why is the program called Minkowsky?

    Oh thats hard to tell in English (at least to me ;-)).
    Minkowsky is primary an application to manage Locations/Rooms and Dates/Times. Now the German word for Room and Space is Raum (at least in some contexts). On the other hand Dates and times might be summarize with one word Zeiten. Hence you may say this program manages the Raumzeit which in turn is fixed term in Physics. Raumzeit is short for the space time continuum in the theory of relativity.
    O.K. In special theory of relativity Minkowsky diagram are use to display the space time continuum. Therefore the name. (I hope I made myself clear. Its always hard to explain a wordplay in another language. Its much more straight in German. If anyone can explain it in easier way, please let me know._

    A final remark on the name:
    Although I search the Internet and some trading mark databases there might be another program named Minkowsky. If so please send me an e-mailand let me know. I will change the name of the program if necessary. Thanks in advance.

    What did you made developing Minkowsky?

    In the company I work for we needed a LAN wide calendar application. After long searches around the web I wasn't able to find any that was easy to use and has an reasonable way of displaying the appointments. Therefore I started to develop one on my own. The result is Minkowsky.

    What left to do ?

    1. The translation from German to English need to be enhanced.
    2. Implementing an intelligent way of controlling two changes on the some task or address at the same time by two (or more) different users.
    3. Porting to MacOS X
    4. Synchronization with Palm, Agenda VR and other PDAs
    5. extending Printing functions (almost done)
    6. Templates for Appointments
    7. Import and Export of csv-file into and from the address book (will be done by the sync modul)
    8. Timetables in the Taskmanager
    9. Some of the icons could be better ;-)
    10. Any support is welcome.


    I like to thanks here anyone here who help me developing Minkowsky. by suggestions, ideas testing etc. Special thanks to Stefan Kamphausen (not only) for his searching for my omnipresent spelling mistakes.

    Bug-Reports, Suggestions and other support

    Nobody is perfect, Minkowsky for sure not.
    Therefore anyone who have suggestion , how found bugs or like to give any other type of support please send me an to minkowsky@r-goetz.de. Thanks in advance.

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